Albion Online Has Collected 10 Million Dollars Thanks To Founders

The Berlin team of Sandbox Interactive is currently a source of joy. First of all, the release days of Albion Online are running, from when you should be able to play, you in the message. Secondly, thanks to the Founders, the studio was able to collect around $ 10 million in donations before publishing.

albion game

You may have noticed: On July 17 the release days of Albion Online started. Anyone who has bought a legendary Starter or Founder Pack for just under a hundred dollars, was allowed to access the servers from 15:00. Further it goes as follows:

  • Epic Starter or Founder Pack (just under $ 50): July 18, 15:00
  • Veteran Starter or Founder Pack (just under $ 30): July 19, 15:00

The development team has been betraying Reddit in an AMA round two days ago, thanks to 250,000 Founders, Sandbox Interactive’s Berlin team was able to collect around $ 10 million in donations.

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