Albion Online: Reshuffle Of Hellgates

A reshuffle was made by Sandbox Interactive regarding the Hellgates. Planned with the Hector update, which will arrive at the end of May / beginning of June, these novelties will represent the last stage before the official release scheduled for July 17th.


The Hellgates In The World Of Albion Online

These areas represent a haven of war in the gentle world of Albion. Indeed, the most adventurous and courageous adventurers can venture through special portals that can be crossed only after they have defeated certain monsters of the open world. Two teams, and only two teams, can battle simultaneously in those areas where reputation does not matter. As a result, monsters will not be the only thing to fear, as players can be even more dangerous than Albion’s creatures.


The new changes follow the logic of Sandbox Interactive to continue to optimize their game in a PvP perspective. Here are the features regarding the Hellgates that will arrive with “Hector”:

  • Focus on PvP versus PvE
  • Fighting certain flaws, such as preventing teams from dodging all PvP fights
  • The first team should not be able to camp in front of the entrance of the second team
  • The monsters will have a limited role in the outcome of a PvP combat and will simply be sources of loot

A new map will make its entrance to fight the camping of the entrances. This one will be in the form of a pentagram and the teams will randomly enter one of the points. In addition, a bubble of protection will be granted to any group of players entering the Hellgate.

Different levels of Hellgate will be present in the world of Albion:

  • Ashen Hellgate: available in green areas, they will be essentially reserved for beginners, not yet accustomed to PvP.
  • Ignited Hellgate: available in yellow areas
  • Infernal Hellgate: available in red and black areas, you can lose all your inventory

It is also important to specify that each Hellgate will have its own laws that you can find on the official website.

The game will be released on July 17 on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. Further information about specifics of any of the above will be available in UPAlbion. Once you want to buy cheap Albion Online gold, you can come and you’ll get fastest delivery and sweet service.