The new map reveal in YouTube for albion online

Among the upcoming sandbox MMO, Albion Online is certainly one to keep an eye on. The title of massive Sandbox Interactive will enter beta this summer but so far we have received little information about the actual game map. This has changed with the release of a new video of the developers that we show to the bottom news.

In it the creative director Jörg Friedrich, the Art Director Marcus Koch and Level Designer Max Mellhage explain the features of the game world and some interesting design choices.

Recognizing the need to improve the game world in terms of size and uniqueness, the team is now old enough to start implementing a larger vision of the game. This implies the creation of a whole new world with five unique biomes: Forest, Highland, mountains, steppes and marshes. Each environment will flora and fauna characteristics and specific resources related to it. While real continents will be a fairly safe area for adventurers who want to explore the lands, the continent Lawless will be best suited to players hardcore PvP. Here guilds will fight without rules to take over a piece of land that is them.