FIFA 15 Servers: Maintenance for a Three-Hour Period

EA Sports is announcing that it has taken the online service associated with FIFA 15, including Ultimate Team, gamers can’t buy FIFA 15 Coins because of the maintenance, which will last for three hours.

The downtime has started at16:30 PM Greenwich Mean Time and 08:30 Pacific Time and the official Twitter announcement arrived when the company had already implemented the measure.

EA Sports is not offering any details about the reasons for the maintenance period, and there’s no information on the tweaks that might be made to FIFA 15 in the coming hours.

FIFA 15 Servers: Maintenance for a Three-Hour Period

The development team has probably reacted to a problem that manifested earlier today as the policy is to announce gamers before maintenance starts, especially when Ultimate Team is involved,

Announcements are used so that the studio can make sure that their matches are not affected.

EA Sports might offer more details about the maintenance period when it is completed, and the team needs to prolong it gamers can expect an announcement to arrive on the official social media channels.