FIFA 15 Graphic Tutorials For PS4 Controls

For all of those gamers who find it difficult to use every single button at different stages of a match, we have come up with a visual presentation to help players learn the controls at their own pace. All of the attacking and defensive controls for EA Sports FIFA 15 on the Sony PlayStation 4 have been solved for you and you can view the images shown below to learn all of them.


FIFA 15 controls for PS4 gamepad (Attacking)

FIFA 15 controls for PS4 gamepad (Attacking)
FIFA 15 controls for PS4 gamepad (Defending)

FIFA 15 controls for PS4 gamepad (Defending)


FIFA 15 controls (complete list) for PlayStation 4 gamepad controller:


Move Player: LS (Left Stick)
First Touch / Knock-On: R2 + RS
Sprint: R2 (Hold)
Stop and face Goal: LS (release) + L1
Protect / Slow Dribble / Jockey: L2 (hold)
Face Up Dribbling: L2 + R2
Skill Moves: RS
Stop Ball: LS + R2


Short Pass / Header: X
Lob Pass / Cross / Header: ■
Through Ball: ▲
Shot / Volley / Header: O
Trigger Player Run: L1
Chip Shot: L1 + O
Finesse Shot: R1 + O
Fake Shot: O then X
Fake Passe: ■ then X
Hard Stop Protect (While dribbling): L2
Lobbed through ball: L1 + ▲
Bouncing Lob Pass: R1 + ■
Low Cross: ■ (Double tap)
Ground Cross: ■ (Triple tap)
Early Cross: L1 + ■
Dummy a Pass: R1 (Hold)
Cancel Action: L2 + R2
Finesse Pass: R1 + X
Flair Shot: L2 (Hold) + O


Change Player: L1
Switch Player: RS
Tackle / Push / Pull: O Pull and Hold: O (Hold)
Sliding Tackle: ■
Clearance: O
Jockey: L2 (Hold)
Contain: X (Hold)
Contain: R1 (Hold)
Running Jockey:L2 + R2


Ground Pass: X
High Pass / Cross: ■
Curled Shot: O
Driven Shot: L1 + O
Wall Jump: (Defending): ▲
Wall Charge: X
Move Wall: L2 / R2
Wall Creep: R1
Call 2nd Kick Taker: L2
2nd Kick Taker Curled Shot: L2 + O
2nd Kick Taker Layoff Pass: L2 + X
2nd Kick Taker Layoff Chip: L2 + ■
2nd Kick Taker Run Over Ball: L2 + O then X
Call 3rd Kick Taker: R1
3rd Kick Taker Curled Shot: R1 + O
3rd Kick Taker Run Over Ball: R1 + O then X

Corner / Throw-in

Corners (Lob Pass): ■
Corners (Low Cross): ■ (double tap)
Corners (Ground Cross): ■ (triple tap)
Corners (Cross): X
Short Throw In: X
Short Throw In (Manual): ▲
Long Throw In: ■
Move Throw In Receiver: L1


Shoot: O
Finesse Shot: R1 + O
Chip Shot: L1 + O
Goalkeeper Dive: RS
Goalkeeper Move Side to Side: LS


Drop Kick: O / ■
Throw / Pass: X
Charge / Drop Ball: ▲
Stay on Goal Line: ▲ (Double tap)
Pick Up Ball: R1

In-game Quick Tactics

Offside Trap: ↑ then ↑
Team Press: ↑ then ↓
Swap Wings: ↑ then ←
CB Joins Attack: ↑ then →