Massive Leak Has Revealed Dozens Of New Pieces Of Weaponry And Armor From Destiny

If you’re curious what new items Bungie has in store for players later this year when Destiny’s next expansion, House of Wolves, releases, wonder no more. A massive leak has revealed dozens of new pieces of weaponry and armor that is supposedly coming later this year, along with new story details about House of Wolves.

Destiny Spoilers Below: Read At Your Own Risk


The leak comes via Reddit, from a poster named megamanexe4 who claims they’ve found a way to access the as-of-yet unreleased files coming in House of Wolves. The original poster says they are not good at English and appears to have translated their words using Googe Translator. Nobody is quite sure what exactly the OP is saying or how they obtained the files, but it is definitely the real deal, as the post links to dozens of previously never-before-seen items.

First up is a look at the story that will surround the House of Wolves expansion. The OP seems to have found the “Purchase DLC” screen that serves as a preview of the content in the expansion. It gives away a few plot points, mainly that the Awoken Queen’s Fallen soldiers have gone rogue. It will be up to players to hunt down the traitors, which will lead into the new strike and raid included in the DLC.


Megamanexe4 goes on to link brand new Vanguard and Crucible gear for each class. None of the item names and descriptions are in English, but players can at least get a glimpse at the raw stats of the new gear. There are far too many images to all post here, but here’s a sneak peak at a few of the items players can look forward to. These images are (according to the OP) new Vanguard helmets for each of the classes, as well as new Vanguard weapons.

These new pieces of gear, per the post, look to raise an item’s maximum light level to 39. It also looks like the level requirement for the weekly nightfall strike will be bumped up to level 32, Destiny power leveling let you upgrade easieras.


Perhaps most interesting of all is the release date for the expansion, according to the post. Previously rumored to be released sometime in March, the OP claims House of Wolves won’t actually release until May. We won’t know for sure until Bungie makes a formal announcement, which may come sooner rather than later in light of the leak.

So what do you think? Do these new pieces of gear look promising? Bungie says they won’t be making the same mistakes in House of Wolves that they did in the game’s first expansion, The Dark Below, namely in how the expansion reset the talents for exotic weapons. Look for Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion to release sometime in the first half of this year.


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