They have been slow to release the 2015 but finally do. Electronic Arts has distributed the first video compilation 2015 with the best goals by buy FIFA 15 coins have been scored in FIFA 15 so far this year.

As you can see, the quality has not decreased between users of sports simulation and continue to make genuine chicharros whether volley, individual play, team play, or even direct free kick. And that is the advice on training, advocacy and turns the company has given us lately, have served to users FIFA 15 still getting great goals.
Please remember that if you want to participate in these videos, all you have to do is record your best goals and then upload them to YouTube and share videos with Electronic Arts through this link, putting in the first blank your gamertag and the second is the link to the video of your goal, repeating the process for each video you want to share with them.
So everyone to continue playing FIFA 15 and mark the best goals to appear in the following video compilation. While we wait, we leave with previous videos so you can see the kind of goals that are generally selected by the company as the best.